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Asian Broadcasting Network (ABN)

Founder of ABN - Dr Mujahid Ghazi.

Radio Talk Show (Live Jan-09,05)

Radio - WONX 1590 AM
From - Evanstan - Chicago
Phone #(847)475-1555/57

Urdu Talk Show
Time Duration - 1pm to 3pm(Sunday)

(This program is based on callers views and community issues)

Program was hosted by Dr. Mujahid Ghazi Mrs. Rizwana Ghazi.

The program was consist on the following:

Program started with Duaa and Talawa'at.

Todays topic was to help thje victims of Tsunami. And encouraging others to participate and donate as much as they can to help the victims of Tsunami.
Many organizations are collecting funds for the victims. You can also participate in their efforts to do so, by emailing to www. myconline.org that you have donated at least ten dollar to any organization of your choice.

Caller - Naseema Appa gave a suggestion to adopt children, who are now left alone after the Tsunami disaster.

Mrs Rizwana Ghazi told about the Eid prayer which will going to held in Donald Stephen Convention Center at 9:45 AM. Mr Hussain Sattar will do the jamaat there.
Another Eid prayer will held on 21st January in Bartley Community Center at 9:30 AM. Dr Hafiz Nasir Bakhshi will do the jamaat there. For contact, their address is:

Bartley Community Center
700 S. Bartley Rd.
Bartley, IL
Phone # (630)668-2759

Caller - Ruaf Tabani(Owner of Aero Asia Airline) told that dinner in Wedding ceremonies is prohibited by law now in karachi. Groom and close relative of groom will be arrested if found to be breaking the law. Ruaf Chappel (Developer and Constructor) was with Rauf Tabani, he told about the construction work going around Gwadar Port and surrounding area. Developers are taking interest in buying property there in Gwadar. Rauf Chappel also said that government should make Gwadar a free Port.
Mr Tabani said that about 300 Chinese engineers are working on to build and update Gwadar Port. After the construction of this port, the import and export will get a uplift around the region.
Mr Abid(Stock Expert) was also with Rauf Tabani at that time, he said that karachi stock market raised 10%. And investor are very satisfied and taking interest in progressing stock market. He also said that companies lending rates are 2% to 3% now as compare to 16%-18%. PCT trading market is good to trade in to. According Mr Abid, oils and petroleum stocks are good to buy now.
Mr Tabani told that Pakistan State Bank's Governor Mr Ishrat received a International Award on his efforts to bring State bank to the potential full state and making it progressful.

Caller - Unknown caller said that Gwadar should not become a free port because of its geographical location.

Dr Ghazi said:

--Hazaa'roon saal nargiss apni bay noori per rooti hai,
Ba'aree mushkill say hota hai chamaan mein deeda' vaar paida

He gave a tribute toLate Dr Mushtaq Khan, who was a cardiologist. He said that Dr Mushtaq was a very kind hearted person, who participated in most of the community activity. He did his intermediate from DJ science college and graduated from DOW medical university. He was the president of APPNA(Association of Pakistani Physician of North America) more than once.
Dr Ghazi and his working group said there condolences to family of Dr Mushtaq.

Caller - Salman Aftab(Chief editor of Pakistan Express) talked about the fundraiser did by CIOGC(Counsil of Islamic Organization Of Greater Chicago) and Islamic Relief for the victims of Tsunami Disaster. Kareem Irfan is a president of CIOGC and Anwar Khan is the incharge of Islamic Relief were there at the event.
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