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Asian Broadcasting Network (ABN)

Founder of ABN - Dr Mujahid Ghazi.

Radio Talk Show (Live Jan-16,05)

Radio - WONX 1590 AM
From - Evanstan - Chicago
Phone # (847)475-1555/57

Urdu Talk Show
Time Duration - 1pm to 3pm(Sunday)

(This program is based on callers views and cummunity issues)

Show was hosted by Dr Mujahid Ghazi only because Mrs Ghazi couldn't able to make it to the show.

Program consists on the following:

Show started with Du'aa and Talawa'at.

Dr Ghazi gave condolences to two families, which was because of the death of Ejaz Haider and Saleem Maghda. Saleem Maghda died in the car accident.

Dr Ghazi had a guest at the show, Afrado Darme(sorry for spelling), who lost his brother and his family in the Tsunami disaster. Luckly his mother survive the tragedy. Mr afrado is originally from Baandaa'say(sorry for spelling), Indoneasia. He is studying law at Northwestern university. Mr Afrado shared his thoughts and sorrow about the Tsunami disaster. He told about a web site, where people can give donations for the Tsunami relief efforts. Its web address is www.acehkids.org.

Dr Ghazi played a recording from the fundraiser dinner of Midwest Business Alliance for the Tsunami relief. Focus foundation was also there and participated in the effort.

ICNA raised $650,000 dollars for the Tsunami victims. They are trying to raise more funds for the Tsunami victims and targeting to raise $1 Million for the victims.

Where many organizations are collecting and raising funds for the Tsunami victims. There is also some people who are doing a child trafficking business. These people are declaring foster kids as their own. Now organizations and officials known the issue. And they are now more cautious on the issue.

Caller - Zia Qureshi told that they have a approval for building a masjid, which MEC was looking forward to get. They have a one year time frame to start the contruction of the masjid. He ask from the listeners of the show and people, who plegde for it, to come forward and take part in it.

Dr Ghazi and his guests, Zain ul abdeen and Ehtesham, taked about kashmir issue. They talked about its geographical regional importance for both countries. And the efforts that are being made by both countries to resolve the issue.

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