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Asian Broadcasting Network (ABN)

Founder of ABN - Dr Mujahid Ghazi.

Urdu Talk Show (Live Jan-02-05)

Radio - WONX 1590 AM
From Evanstan -- Chiacgo
Phone # 847-475-1555/57

Urdu Talk Show
Time Duration - 1pm to 3pm (Sunday)

(This program is based on callers views and community issues)

Program was hosted by Dr. Mujahid Ghazi and Mrs. Rizwana Ghazi

The program was consist on the following:

Program started with Duaa and Talawa'at.

Todays topic was about the help of victims of Tsunami disaster.
Dr Ghazi said that the disas ter Tsunami remind of the great powers of Allah. And it also reminds us of the afterlife and the day of judgement.

Caller - Kamran Memon, who is attorney and a member o f muslim bar association, talked about the Eid Meat Project. Dawanet will be offering to perform Eid sacrifice at $139 on behalf of Muslims, who are interested in Eid sacrifice. Each purchase is for one-seventh portion of beef cattle.
He also said, the proceeds will be used to conduct Eid Sacrifice at a contracted Muslim owned meat processing plant. All sacrifices will be performed by Muslims and will adhere to Halal requirements, within the three days of Eid al-Adha. Beef will be packaged in four pound packages. Each package will have a label containing "on behalf of Muslilms in Chicago".
Frozen Packages will be distributed through established food banks in Greater Chicago Area to all needy people.
You can at online through credit card or paypal account. Or you can send check payable to "dawanet"
at :
2303 Randall Rd #231
Carpentersville, IL 60110
All entries should be posted before January 8th.

Their Online Address is:

Or you can phone at:

Caller - Sadruddin Noorani asked to make correction of a mistyping on web of a program, which is going to held on January 8th 2005 at Villa Park. This program is about the Asian Tsunami Reliaf Fund dinner. This program is sponsered by Council of Islam Organization of Greater Chicago and Islamic Relief.

Caller - Rauf Tabani told about the strong position of rupee against dollar. He said that General Pervaiz Musharaf will not withdraw from his army post until 2007. He also said his condolences to the Tsunami disaster. Earth breakup upto 5 km beneath the ocean surface and waves were roaring to 4500 km/hr at that time in the ocean.

Dr. Ghazi told about the bypass heart surgery of chicagos singer Shazad Ahmed. He is also known as Shazad of Chicago or Rafi Shazad. He is at Good Sam Hospital. Dr Ghazi asked for prayers for him.

He also told that 24 december is the birthday of Mohammad Rafi, who is a legendary singer of Indian Film industary.

Caller - Salman Aftab told about the program, which was held at Eastwest University. Where Dr. Malik, who is politcal science professor, said that QuiadeAzam was a secular minded person. Mr Salman Aftab defend QauideAzam, that he was not a secular minded. And he asked Dr. Ghazi to do a show on this topic.

Caller - Basit told a incident about QuaideAzam. That he was getting prepare to move to Pakistan. When he heard about some religious scholar living near to his place. He asked that scholar to play his role in the development of new nation. After talking to QuaideAzam, that scholar move to Pakistan. And start preaching about Islam.

Guest Dr Ali gave a tribute to the Legendry singer of india, Mohammad Rafi. He shared some verses about him:

--Wa'qaat kay funkaroonmein iss ka allaagh tha naam
Zikar mein jis ka karraha hoon mein rafi hay us ka naam

--Ga'ayki hai husaan fun tera rafi
teray fun per hum saab'bhi ko naaz kartey hain

Mohammad Rafi sang almost five thousand songs, which are published and unpublished.
Dr Ali was a host radio show, which started in Aug 19 1980. It broadcast from WPA Radio oak park. His co-host were at that time was Arshad and Saba Bhabi. Then they move to Radio WONX Evanston Chicago in 1983, which run through 2003.

Yasra Ghazi is coordinator of Muslim Youth of Chicago. Its website address is:

They are asking from young kids parents to donate at least 10 $ and then send a email, informing about their donation to any Tsunami Relief fund at:

Or you can call Yasra at:
Phone # 312-437-4692

You can also check out some website for Tsunami Relief



Caller - Ali Basit told about their website, which is www.edholki.com.

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