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Asian Broadcasting Network (ABN)

Founder of ABN - Dr Mujahid Ghazi.

JAWA'AN FIKAR (Today Live Jan-28,05)

WSBC 1240 AM & WCFJ 1470 AM
From Chicago
Phone # 773-792-1240

This radio session was hosted by Jibran, Zeeshan, Hassan and Saadiya.

Todays personality of the week was Hazrat Ibrahim(AS). He was very well known prophet, whose two sons were also prophets. There names are Hazrat Ismail(AS) and Hazrat Ishaaq(SA). His Grandson was also a prophet, whose name is Hazrat Yaqoob(AS). He was the prophet who helped in the building of Khana-e-Kabba. Now people perform Hajj in the premises of Khana-e-Kabba. Hazrat Ibrahim(AS) sacrificed his son, Hazrat Ismail(AS), to fulfill the will of Allah. But when he was doing that Allah like liked his act and send a sheep to sacrifice instead of his son. This is the reason why every muslim now performs sacrifice act on Eid ul Adha to remember that day.

Quiz of the week:
Name the game in which winner moves backwards and loser moves forwards?
Answer: Tug of war

What is that one thing that is yours but other people use it instead?
Answer: Your Name

Whats the word if you capitalize its first letter it changes its meaning and pronounciation?
Answer: polish and Polish

Zeehsan told about the inauguration ceremony program, which they attended as a young Pakistani members of ABN. He also said that Mayor of Chicago Daley and Ambassader of Pakistan Jahengir Karamat were there at the event. Mayor Daley acknowlegde the fact that Pakistani community is taking a active part in the making of better chicago.

Jibran and Zeeshan did a fabulous skit in the todays program. This skit was about the role of politicians, singers, police and people in Pakistan. The performance of both Jibran and Zeeshan was very remarkable.

They played following tracks in the program:

Ali Haider's song DilDar,
Fakhir Alam's song Udanya,
Fakhir Mehmood's song Tuabaa
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