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Asian Broadcasting Network (ABN)

Founder of ABN - Dr Mujahid Ghazi.

Radio Talk Show (Today Live Feb-13,05)

Radio - WONX 1590 Am
Location - Evanston - Chicago
Phone #(847)475-1555/57

Urdu Talk Show
Time Duration - 1pm to 3pm (Sunday)

This program is based on callers views and current issues of the local community.

This weeks show was consist on the folowing :

Dr Mujahid Ghazi and Mrs Rizwana Ghazi hosted the show.

Program started with Duaa And Talawa'at

One good caller of talk radio, Asma, at the age of 12 years old died on last friday. She was a regular caller of talk radio for about 3 years. Dr Ghazi gave his condolences to the family of Asma. She was a member of ABN.

Ruaf Tabani, Correspondent from karachi, told about the up moving of karachi stock market.

This weeks special guest was Jan Schakowsky, 9th district representative of US Congress.
For further information about Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky you can go onto the following link:
Jan Schakowsky

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