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Asian Broadcasting Network (ABN)

Founder of ABN - Dr Mujahid Ghazi.

Listen Urdu Radio LIVE Online

Now you can listen Urdu Talk Radio of Chicago Area Online on Paltalk user group.
To listen this show on radio you need to tune into 1240 & 1470AM for fridays show, and 1590AM for Sundays show.
To listen this show Live Online you need a Paltalk Messenger. You can download Paltalk Messenger at www.paltalk.com After downloading Paltalk IM you need a paltalk user account, which you can make it free(Black Nick). Then login to your Paltalk Messenger with your user ID. Now you need to look into Groups on Paltalk IM. You can find Urdu Talk Radio Live from Chicago group in By language: India & Pakistan group section. Join this group and Listen Urdu Radio.
Urdu Radio Show airs on radio two times a week, which is on friday and sunday.

Friday's show start at 8:00pm to 9:00pm Central Time ( -6GMT)
Sunday's show start at 1:00pm to 3:00pm Central Time (-6GMT)

We hope to see you online for friday hour show.

(If you have any views or opinion about the show please leave a comment with name and info available)
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8:09 PM

Your efforts in the propagation and promotion of Urdu language are commendable.

We need more talk shows of this sort, catering to different social and economical issues in Pakistan and India.

I am in California. How can I listen to your show on the net?


11:34 AM

The show is back now at

or www.abnchicago.org

from 12-3pm CST

10am - 1pm PST

Plz go to the website and spread the word about it.

You can call in during the program as well. Check details on the website mentioned.    

8:36 PM

Good Day!!! urdupublish.blogspot.com is one of the best resourceful websites of its kind. I enjoy reading it every day. I will be back.    

10:03 AM

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